Christmas Eve Scramble

So, have you sat down yet today??  I took the “day off” today to spend it with my family.  We tried to go skating.  It was a bust at first as the rink was closed, even though the schedule CLEARLY said Public Skating 10 -1 today.  So, we went over to the City Yard & met with our snowplow operator, who graciously gave the boys a tour of the snowplow.  Quite a good time, I must say.  There is nothing like machinery to light up my children.

We went to a very small rink which was open & skated for about half an hour.  Nathan pitched a fit and wouldn’t try very hard, but Eric was able to take a few steps on his own.  He’ll be skating alone in no time, I am sure.

And then we went home & I’ve been running around like crazy all afternoon.  Baking, cleaning, setting out the food, dishes and ecetera for tomorrow.  Trying to pretend that I don’t care what anyone thinks of the house, this is what it looks like.  Yeah, I actually do care.  But, I will be doing the “pretend” cleaning on a few things – cleaning only what you can see at a glance.  If you look close & see the dirt, well, seriously, that’s not what Christmas is about.

Soon it will be time for church, prayers and bed.  And then, the house will be what it will be.  The meal will be fine, it always is.  The excitement is building at our house to a frenzy.  I hope it is the same for you.


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