Christmas Song Shuffle

I love Christmas music but you wouldn’t know it from my ipod.  I always mean  to buy more, new, different music every December, but can’t quite commit to any particular artist.  I really despise the way people take gorgeous carols, like Silent Night and masacre them with weird chords, strange (not inspiring) instrumentation or a dance beat.

I guess if it works for someone else, that’s fine.  I’m not saying there is a “correct” way to perform Christmas carols, but there definitely is a wrong way.  Also, note to all thin, quavery-voiced pop “stars”, Ave Maria and O Holy Night are too hard for you. Don’t go there.  Record O Christmas Tree or Away in A Manger instead.

Another note, if you don’t actually believe in the God or Baby Jesus you’re singing about, it comes through in your music.  Stick to Santa Baby or I’ll Be Home for Christmas. 

My point is, I don’t want to buy lousy Christmas music and be disappointed in my favorite artist for their version of my favorite songs.  O Holy Night is a perfect example.  It can be sung too low, too high, without emotion, with too much background music or it can be like Celine Dion’s, John Berry’s, or Josh Groban’s and be perfect.  Each different from each other, but still perfect.  (By contrast, Christina Aguilera, who should sing a spine-tingling version,  just puts too many vocal extras in and spoils the magic that is the song)

Anyhow, I’ll stop Scrooging now.  The best part of buying digital music, in my opinion, is the preview ability.  You get about 20-30 seconds of the song & with Christmas music, that’s enough to know, is it a miracle or a masacre?  You type in the name of your favorite song, and boom, 150 options come up. Start previewing & buy your favorites. 

So that’s what I did this year.  I went crazy, took some chances and have been pretty happy with my selections.  I even bought a few albums. 

I did discover one other fun thing about itunes Shuffle.  One time, it played 8 different versions of O Come All Ye Faithful.  In a row.  It was a fun & quite interesting to hear them back to back.  You really gain an appreciation for the variety of styles and talent out there!

Do you have a favorite Christmas song?  How about one that is so nasty that it should be pulled from playlists everywhere?  (Hmmm… sounds like a new post!)


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