Christmas Treats are Everywhere

Suzy Homemaker (that’s me!) has been very busy in the kitchen & it is now full of goodies for Christmas. There are rice crispy treats, chocolate chip cookies, custard ball cookies, peanut butter slice, butter tart slice and the always popular, never make enough Nanimo bars. We might even pull out a few ginger sparkle cookies (sparkle cookies are soft) and a second Nanimo bar – but only if Murray has the semi-sweet chocolate that’s required.

I’ve managed to make it all, without freaking out, and there’s still enough ingredients (and time) to make a second batch of most just in case. I can’t blame the boys, all three of them! for getting into the baking, it’s soooo good. Neil always teases me that I’m going to say “Those aren’t for you, they are for the company!”
Never happen. I’d rather make more & watch them enjoy it all.

Here’s a second Christmas treat for you – we went skating for the second time yesterday & Eric is just zooooming on his skates. He’s still using a support bar, but doesn’t need it. And Kristen (my cutie Niece) is even trying to skate backwards. It was pretty neat to see the kids really improve after just one try. We’re hoping to go again on Christmas Eve and maybe the 27th too.

So, just in case I have a bit of time on Christmas Eve (cuz I booked the day off, baby!), what are Christmas treats at your house? Fess up, we could use a few more pounds treats.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Treats are Everywhere

  1. Shortbread is always a pleaser around here. Also, lemon squares. TDF!!! Buttertart squares, nanaimo bars, and brownies.

  2. Anything I personally don’t have to make! I always seem to gravitate toward the peanut butter blossoms (the ones with the Hershey kiss in the center) or the good old yummy sugar cookies.
    Now, since you seem to be doing so well, come decorate my tree for me!

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