Having Friends Over

I got home to a miracle last night.  Honestly, I think I did.  My husband has spent the last two Incredibly Cold days cleaning the house.  So, it darn near sparkles in areas I can never get to.

Like, behind the freezer where I sort laundry.  He found about 2 dozen socks, a cloth diaper (clean!), 8 million (his words) dryer sheets and a t-shirt or two that fit the kids 3 sizes ago.

Or, the storage closet that no one can get excited about cleaning.  He vacuumed, dusted, went “fishing”, and generally did an amazing job.  Then, he made supper and invited friends over.

I came home to a clean house, supper on the table and a lovely evening of adult conversation.  He is a Christmas miracle, I swear to you.

But, we learned that we don’t have people over often enough.  The boys nearly had a meltdown fit when I told them we invited a new friend over to play.  They thought that meant Neil & I were going out!   I guess that’s what I usually tell them when we do, the  3 times per year that we get  a babysitter.  Oops.  Clearly we need to get people to our house more!


2 thoughts on “Having Friends Over

  1. Man…could you send him over to find some socks in my laundry room? We’ve had quite the exodus in the past few years…

  2. Wow, I am impressed. Good for your husband!! And good for you! I wish I could muster the amount of energy and enthusiasm and motivation your husband has had these last few days. Does he have a secret he could share with me?

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