To Medicate or not?

Today is Fragile X Friday!  My topic today comes from my Listserv inbox.  I scanned it for material this morning as I was having a hard time coming up with a good theme.  One of the recurring themes (I have over 200 saved messages), is questions about medications.

I want to say, depsite what you might think from the post title, I have no position on whether you should or should not  medicate your child.  That is a decision best left to you, your doctor and hopefully, your child. 

There are plenty of medications available for anxiety, depression, ADHD, you name it, somebody’s made a drug for it.  Some work better in kids, some work better in adults and some won’t work for you at all.

I understand from the Fragile X association that people with Fragile X may react differently from the general population to certain medications.  To me, that is the most important piece of information!  My point is, be informed.  Ask questions.  Trust your instincts.  Do your own research.

And, finally, make your own decisions, based on what is best for your child.  You might start here to research.  It’s a pretty impressive list, and the reason I made this post.  While I do love the FX Foundation’s website, it is a little overwhelming at times. 

And remember Mommies & Daddies, there’s nothing wrong with asking your doctor for some help for yourself too.  As a carrier, you might be more susceptible to depression, anxiety and other as well.  Don’t be a hero.  (You already are one!)


3 thoughts on “To Medicate or not?

  1. It took me years before I got something for my anxiety. It actually took a 3 day crying spell, one massive migraine, and little sleep because panic attacks kept waking me up. I still kick myself in the butt because I took so long!! And I went to a local health clinic and got my meds for free…I had no excuses. (Sigh) oh well.

    We don’t medicate our fx’ers but it’s not because we refuse…we just haven’t found a need…YET! I think someday possibly soon Rachel will need an SSRI or something to help with her anxiety.

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