Christmas Spirit

We put up our Christmas tree finally last night. The kids have been too tired (and grouchy) all week for me to consider it before this. Truth be told, I didn’t care much last night to put it up either but they were excited and I couldn’t think of a good enough reason why not.

Neil was out with friends, a last minute thing, so I had to drag out the 200 pound very heavy tree from the basement, carry it up the stairs in stages and attempt to assemble the blessed thing.  The entire time Eric says “maybe we should wait for Daddy to get home” (Neil wasn’t going to be home until well after midnight, so nope, we weren’t waiting)

Of course, I couldn’t find the nice, clear lights.  Only the dumb multi-coloured ones that only 1 string has an end-to-end plug to light up the angel.  Yes, my poor, misguided, Catholic husband had to have an angel.  Apparently it isn’t a real Christmas tree with a gorgeous star on top.  But, whatever.

Next, I wrapped the gold & red garland around the tree.  This is an easy job with 2, not so much with just me.  Again, this is one of Neil’s must-have’s for a tree. Ok, it looks pretty good too.  Not as good as last year, I just can’t get the spacing right on my own, but pretty good.

Finally, the moment the kids were waiting for, decorations!  They careful and somewhat artfully placed about half the decorations on the tree and then insisted we save the rest for Daddy to have a turn.  So, I now have a dining room with a beautiful, half decorated tree and all the boxes, bags and bins that need to be put away,

But, this morning, I turned on the Christmas village, lit the fire, turned on the tree and felt….

Christmas spirit.

I guess it really is about joy in your heart, peace in your soul and love in your house.  May it be so for you today also.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. I wish. I keep waiting for the joy from my tree to come up and rub against me. I’ll keep you updated on that, ok? 😉

  2. I love sitting and looking at my lit-up tree. It really does make me feel all gooshy and Christmasy inside. Now if I could just finish up my darn shopping, all would be well….

  3. I don;t plan on doing mine till I get home next sunday… the 21st yikes… have i also said I have done no christmas shopping… Sigh.. I am so looking forward to having a tree, i just hope there are some good ones left when we go shopping, and that we can find where we put the box of decorations.

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