Go AWAY Mommy

I am very sorry to report that the Terrible 3’s do not magically end on a child’s 4th birthday. As a matter of fact, I think they actually multiply and gain strength with every bite of birthday cake. And we had 3 birthday cakes, so you can imagine the fun times at our house.

Eric has had a meltdown over the following items this week:
– Macaroni noodles as opposed to spaghetti noodles
– Changing his shirt
– Changing his pants
– Having his face washed
– Changing his shirt, pants and socks (yes, that is 2 separate days, 2 separate meltdowns)
– Nathan daring to sit in the middle of the couch instead of the end
– Sausages on his plate (they are “yuck” don’t you know)
– The tearing of his white sucky
– The loss of his other white sucky (and I know he’s 4. Judge me all you want. YOU live with him)
– Bedtime
– The blankets on the bed (too many, not enough? who would know)
– Having to pick up his toys
– Having Nathan pick up the toys for him which Nathan was doing in order to avoid the above meltdown continuing
– Having to eat Christmas tree cookies
– Being told “no more candy”
– Being given milk instead of coke (#11 reason I am the World’s Worst Mother)

Ok, seriously. I am home, what, 4 hours per day with him. This is all since Monday morning. It’s Wednesday morning. For some reason, Eric is pushing every possible limit, every rule and screaming at me on a constant basis.

I am pretty sure my sweet, loving child is inside this meltdown monster.

I am pretty sure if he doesn’t come back soon I am going to have a meltdown of my own.


4 thoughts on “Go AWAY Mommy

  1. Shoot, so are you telling me that my daughter’s terrible 2’s which have now turned into terrible 3’s will not be ending when she turns 4? Crap. I may have to consider boarding school… I feel for you!

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