Let Me Hold You Longer

It really is the little things that make life special, isn’t it? This morning, I got up early to make a snack for Eric’s preschool. I made a cake, since tomorrow is his birthday. I got the cake in the oven, the fire lit & had settled in for some quiet moments before the kids got out of bed.

All of a sudden, the bedroom door burst open, and little feet came tearing down the hallway. It was Nathan, no doubt, greeting the morning as he always does, with exuberance. He stumbled a bit in the bright light and climbed up into my lap with a mumbled “Hi mommy”.

Nathan has always been my cuddly boy but lately he hasn’t been in the habit of settling in for a snuggle. But on this cold December morning, when I was feeling just a bit sucky that my babies are growing up, he nuzzled in & let me hold him for a very long time.

It reminded me of Karen Kingsbury’s “Let Me Hold You Longer“. How often, if we’d known it was the last time, would we have held on, just that little bit more? How often do we only recognize, too late, that we missed our chance to cuddle, say I love you, push a swing or wave to the school bus just once more?

If today was the last time Nathan ever climbs into my lap, I am satisfied that today, I paid attention. I held on to that little bit of “little boy” that he still is and simply enjoyed spending time with him. There were a hundred other things I could have been doing instead, but what is more important?

Take a moment today. The dishes can wait. Decide what’s really important in your life & hold it, just a little longer.


4 thoughts on “Let Me Hold You Longer

  1. i dunno…that D is just learned about in Austins english class really deserves a thump on the noggin but then I’ll give him a hug 😉

    All goofiness aside…this is very true. So many things can wait. But love never can

  2. I don’t remember when Holly transformed from an infant to a baby, but she is almost a toddler now and I will remember to hold on tight before she is able to get up and run off without me.

  3. Great post. Thanks so much for the reminder. They grow up so fast, though much of the time it doesn’t feel that way. I’m going to give my kids an extra cuddle today…if they’ll let me.

  4. I totally agree!!! Thanks for reminding me that these are the things that matter. The other morning my daughter snuggled with me for a good long while and I just basked in it. Like you said, you never know when they are going to outgrow it!

    BTW, thanks for your comment about my Christmas letter. I would so love to see yours too. Rhyming couplets? now that takes talent!

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