At the Risk of Complaining…

Seriously, this is turning out to be one of THOSE weeks. I knew that getting up Monday morning but it seems that the fun is just compounded every time I turn around.

Monday – I had a doctor appointment for my *ahem* annual physical, that I haven’t *ahem* had done since 2005. Happy to report that I have normal blood pressure (that’s a surprise, really) and am essentially healthy. Of course, I had to have several vials of blood drawn, so we’ll wait about a week & if Dr.B doesn’t phone, I’m good for another year.

Tuesday – A full day of work, a race to take the kids home & then rush back into town for a preschool meeting. Which the treasurer cannot attend, so I’ll be giving both the secretary, treasurer’s, teacher’s and aide’s reports plus essentially chairing, because I wrote the agenda. Come home, make a healthy snack (yeah right, who are we kidding) for preschool tomorrow.

Wednesday – A half day of work, followed by 2.5 hours volunteering at said preschool. Clean the new (noisy) laminate flooring and then rush off to sign papers (40 minutes away, with two kids in tow) for our farm.

Thursday – Eric’s 4th birthday, sniff. Work all day, run kids to Nana’s house, go to company christmas party. Pray through the day they don’t ask me to give the blessing again this year. (Did such a bang-up job last year I left the boss with nothing to say, oops) Probably have to do it anyway. Feel guilty most of the day because I’m not spending the evening with the birthday boy.

Friday – Work all day, collapse at home
Saturday – Clean like a mad woman, make birthday cake, find time to play with kids & still get to bed before midnight

Sunday – go to church, have lovely birthday party, tidy up after & read about 20 stories, hoping that will make up for some of the craziness of the week.

Phew. I’m exhausted all ready.


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