Like I said yesterday, Christmas is coming!  Today’s edition of Fragile X Friday is about gifts for kids with developmental delays.

First things first.  Forget about “age appropriate toys”.  If your 9 year old loves Barney, get him the stuffed toy he really wants, not some Transformer that he “should” want.  Of course we should all take our kids’ interests into account when we choose a gift, but recognize that what you played with at 6 isn’t necessarily appropriate for your 6 year old.

Second, chose toys that don’t break easily, have tons of parts or loud noises.  Many of our kids also have sensory challenges and the noisy toys can be too much for them. (Nevermind parental ears)  Toys that break the first time they are used are no fun either.

Third, don’t be afraid to buy things that are fun ways to teach and learn with your child.  Books, puzzles, games and craft supplies all come with the bonus gift of time to share the gift with your child.

Last, don’t overwhelm your child with gifts.  Over each of Nathan’s last 5 Christmases, we have spent up to 8 or 9 days opening presents.  The reason?  He got so many presents that he couldn’t handle all the different choices. So, we opened a couple each day and he was far less anxious.  In fact, it made the celebration last for everyone which I also enjoyed.

What advice do you have? Why not blog about it & leave a comment so we can all share.

3 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. We like to get stuff the kids need as Christmas like new blankies, clothes, toiletries and maybe a toy or 2. They don’t have too much to play with, get stuff they need, and aren’t overwhelmed with too must stuff.

  2. Great entry. Wish my friends with ‘typical’ kids could read this before buying gifts for my kids. Good intentions always, but somehow some think it fun to ‘payback’ with the loud noised toys. Hmmmm. We also encourage more of the things they need vs. more toys that they don’t need.

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