He’s Happy You’re Home…Really

Ahhhh the life of a Mommy…..can’t do anything right.

I was gone for 8 days & my nearly 4 year old Eric is not about to let me forget it.  Since I have gotten home, he has done everything (rage, scream, fight, cry) to try to get me to blow my lid.  Don’t believe me?  Think a 3 year old is not manipulative?  Ha.

Last night, Eric wanted dessert before supper.  I said No.  (For those of you without kids, it may come as a shock, but once you say “no”, that’s it.  You can’t change your mind on the subject, ever)  Eric cried “I want dessert first.”  I said “No.”

This went on for a few minutes with him crying, hitting and then telling me “You’re not my friend anymore.  I don’t like you.”  I said “Hmm.  Sorry you’re feeling bad Eric”  Then he pulls out the big guns “I Hate You!”

Puh-leeze.  I have heard this song & dance before.  And no, I don’t dance to the I Hate Mommy song.  I happen to know it isn’t true, just Eric attempting to get a reaction.  He never has, so I don’t know why he keeps at it, really.

Anyhow, after 40 years minutes of him screaming at me, he ended up falling asleep before 7:00 pm  (Of course, he got up from 9:00 until well after midnight but it was quiet while it lasted)

The upside is he didn’t  say  “I wish you’d go back on your holiday”, so I guess he really doesn’t hate me after all.  Score one for peaceful, patient Mommy.


3 thoughts on “He’s Happy You’re Home…Really

  1. I read, and strongly believe, that the biggest compliment to your parenting is having a child say that they hate you. This means that the child has been raised to express themself. And they feel comfortable enough with you to do that. Though when those words fly it isn’t easy to feel complimented.

    Good job sticking to your guns. It’s never easy to do it and so many parents buckle. In my house I’m the mean evil one cuz I do and my hubby is the ultimate softy because he buckles every time. Pisses me of to no end!!

  2. I like that. Something to hold on to as the Hate flys round the room. The hardest time is always the very first one where if they see you flinch, they figure they’ve gotcha. Fortunately (?) I knew it was going to come someday & this wasn’t the first time, so I’ve been practicing my “that’s nice dear” face!

  3. Ah yes, it really does feel like 40 YEARS when they’re going at it, doesn’t it? I know this feeling well, my friend…

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