I’m NOT Neglecting You…

Ok, I realize that I actually have been neglecting my blog.  But, it’s not that I haven’t been thinking about it.  I’ve discovered blogging is a bit like scrapbooking that way.   You know, when you take pictures just because  they’ll look so cute in a scrapbook, that you actually create the “scene”.  For example, pictures of kids making cookies are cute.  But, pictures of kids making chocolate icing (which of course they get all over themselves & everything else) is soooo much cuter.

Well, now I get looking at ordinary life that way too.  Like my three year olds temper tantrum.  I could should be a good mother & pretend that he doesn’t do it.  Instead, I bait him, just a little, so I might have a bigger, better, more horrific story to put in my blog.  I swear, I only did it once twice, just to see what would happen.  (He went fairly near nuclear.  Won’t make that mistake again.  Unless I have writer’s block, then all bets are off baby)

Blogging gets out my frustrations.  It allows me to celebrate what is good and perfect, rotten and crappy, ordinary and extrodinary about my life.  I know that I am never going to make it on to a magazine cover, win some great humanitarian award or save the planet.  But, I am holding firmly to the idea that because I matter to a child, I am making an impact on the world.  And, I hope that in some small way, I matter to you, the people who read my ravings.  I know that I can’t get through my day without checking in with Beth, Kia and all the other blogs I so enjoy.  You matter.  You keep me grounded.  You make me laugh.  You make me cry. 

So, instead of this being all about me (for a change), I want to say Thank-you.  To everyone who comments, reads and passes by my blog.  I have had nearly 2000 hits in my short blogging time & I know that isn’t just my Mom & my favorite BC buddy pushing up the numbers.  Thank-you for your comments, your links, your laughs and your “been there, done that, got the gross t-shirt” moments.  You rock.


4 thoughts on “I’m NOT Neglecting You…

  1. I am so totally there with you… You do matter to me, I look forward to a little nap so I getting a chance to hear what is going on withmy Bloggy Friends….

    I will tell other’s your story, and then I will say this thing happened to my friend…. Realizing your just a person’s blog that a read, but the person I’m talking to doesn’t need to know that, becuase after reading about your lives on a daily basis, you feel like a friend…

    So tell us more about this baiting…

    The baiting story is for when I have writers block! You’ll just have to wait. And, I feel the same about you all. I start a story with, my friend emailed today…. (as if she had told only me) Glad I’m not the only one!

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