The Problem with Being Three Is….

Winter (sort of) arrived here last night.  There is less than 1 mm of snow on the ground but it is very cold today.  Nathan actually came home in a borrowed jacket from school yesterday. (Bad mommy, sent him in a spring coat) 

So, this morning we were determined to dress our children properly.  That means: winter coats, snow boots, toques and mitts.  Nathan’s coat from last year just barely fits him & I want Eric to wear it this year, which means I CAN’T put it on Nathan or Eric will decide it is “nathan’s coat” and refuse it all winter.  Fortunately, I had another old coat that would do for Nathan today, so he is all nicely bundled in an old coat, new boots and a hat and mitts that are a big snug.

Well, Eric was having none of it.  He screamed and cried about the coat. He fussed and kicked about the boots.  We threw him outside so he would understand the winter clothes were required, not a child torture device.  He kicked and screamed some more.  (While all this was going on, I was serenely packing lunches and applying another layer of eyeshadow.  I might have looked ok, but if Daddy is willing to deal with the fit, I might as well look great today…)

Eric finally got out the door, fully dressed and cried all the way to the car.  Then he screamed and cried all the way to town.  All twenty minutes of it.  Upon opening the van door, I found he’d kicked off his hat, mitts and snowboots.  So, I tossed him out of the van in his socks, closed the door and told him to walk to the daycare.  He cried all the way to the door that he wanted to be carried.  Then he came in the door, still crying that he WAS NOT going to walk to daycare by himself.  Ummmm….sweetheart, you are already inside, I think you lost this one.

Then he fussed and cried that he would miss me too much.  Oh, yeah.  I. have. heard. this. before.  The second he gets inside, he’ll quit crying and pretend like nothing happened.  Been there.  Done that.  Don’t even try it.

The real problem with being three is……it lasts a whole year.


4 thoughts on “The Problem with Being Three Is….

  1. i though 3 was sooo much worse than 2. I never got they hype. Totally get the coat thing. I accidentally put Mattys old coat on him from last year cuz it was closest and I was in a hurry. But for the winter I really want him to wear Austins old one. It is much much warmer and it has a hood. The first two weeks after I let him wear his old one he flat out refused to wear the handed down one. Go mom. I have since eliminated the old coat 🙂

  2. I swear boys go through the Terrible Threes, not Twos. My boys were angels at two, but I remember telling everybody they were going through the Terrible Threes–all three of them were like this. I think the stubborn stage hits girls at age two, and boys a little later. At least we boy moms won’t have the PMS teen years to deal with!

    Very true. And, I thank God everyday just for that!

  3. In my house, my son’s “terrible threes” have lasted two years too long! (Same coat and shoe crap here!) And to make matters worse, the PMS years for my daughter are coming any day now! HELP!

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