The Problem with Being Less Verbal Is…

It had to happen sooner or later.  Ok.  I was hoping for later.  But sooner or later, Nathan was going to get in trouble at school & I would have to try to sort it all out.

To clarify.  Nathan did not get in trouble AT school.  More like on the way home from school.  Everyday, C and Nathan walk home to the daycare together.  On Tuesdays they wait for Cousin K because the girls go to dance class.  Nathan decided on Monday that it was a Dance Day and he was waiting for Cousin K.

I am sure that C tried to convince him, but as they are practically siblings, he doesn’t want to listen to her constantly telling him what to do.  Anyhow, C’s story is that Nathan wouldn’t come home with her and then he fell down & another kid’s mom drove them home.

Nathan’s story is that he fell down and got hurt.

That’s it.  No more, no less.  I don’t think he even understands why he was in trouble.  So, I get to experience the non-verbal, “who do you believe, want to believe your kid but can’t because he can’t really explain his side anyway” tug of war.  So, I contacted the mom who drove them home & was satisfied I got the explanation I needed.  Nathan & I talked about listening to C better.

Next up, asking his teachers to explain road safety.  Maybe that will sink in better than another kid telling him what to do.

oh, and I must say, even though the behaviour itself was inappropriate, I am SOOOOO excited at his assertiveness and age-appropriate reaction to the incident.  it is so hard to discipline a kid when you are actually quite glad to finally see the maturity it took to misbehave….


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