Nathan’s IEP

I went in for Nathan’s initial IEP meeting for Kindergarten on Thursday.  He had been quite ill the night before & I didn’t want him going to school in the morning.  He quietly insisted he was going.  I said no.  I called the bus driver & asked him not to come to our house.

He insisted he was going to school.  I gave him some Motrin & 45 minutes later, I loaded him up in the van & drove him to school.  He was vey pale, but I figured since I had to go in at 11:30, I might as well let him give it a try.

In the IEP meeting, I found out that he was the helper on Thursday & he must have known that.  He LIVES for being the helper.  Also, my son is kind, polite, calm (NOT hyper), listens well, follows directions, particpates in class activities….. Who is this child and what have they done with MY son???  Seriously, I told them we were trying to keep him off meds as long as possible, & the teachers looked at me blankly.  “Medication, for what? ” asks the K teacher.  The Principal supplied that we’d tested for ADHD.  The teachers could not believe it, based on current behaviour.

Seriously.  Who is this child?  I want him to move to my house.  Like. Right. Now.

At school he is not anxious.  (WTF??)  At school he imitates the other children.  (This child couldn’t imitate as a baby, toddler, pre-schooler)  At school he puts on his own shoes with a shoe horn & is learning to manage his coat.  If it wasn’t for boots & crocs, my kid would be barefoot.  Forget about the coat.

At school he uses scissors, real scissors.  Not the loop style that he has finally managed to operate well.  At school, he doesn’t get frustrated & throw fits.  Seriously.  Send THAT child home on the bus.  I want to meet him.  Hell, I want to be a stay-at-home-mommy with him.


3 thoughts on “Nathan’s IEP

  1. wow! this sounds like a success story to me. now if only you could get him to bring this kid HOME with him at the end of each school day, huh? 🙂

  2. I wonder if we can only have ONE…either good at home OR good at school…but not both. Most of us get neither most days…if that makes you feel better! Maybe it’s all Nathan can do to hold it all together all day at school, and when he finally gets home to you (his safe place) he has to let loose.

    So did that “safe place” comment make you feel better? (It was a pretty good try, right?)

    Otherwise, I’d have to put forth my “great conspiracy” theory, where I point out that Nathan is just as, well, Nathan, at school as he is at home, and they are all out to get you and make you think you’re crazy…and trying not to give him services! Ka-ching!

    I know what you are saying! Fortunately, the school & the funding recognize that he does need these services. We have an amazing team. The thing that helps Nathan most is that he is globally delayed by 1.5-2 years. The ASD dx got him funding, but it is his delays that need the help.

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