Some New Things

I want to tell you some of the new things Nathan is doing. Partly because I want to brag on him a little & partly because then I can look back in 3-6 months and see big improvements.

1. Nathan is printing his own name. It is practically illegible, but he is approximating all the letters

2. Nathan is noticing words – like an Exit sign, words on condiment bottles & asking me to read them

3. Nathan is “reading”. He brings home these books from school that are “sight words”. I’m supposed to read the words & he reads the pictures. But, he is reading the whole page. Does he remember the words or is he reading them? I don’t know.

4. Nathan spends half his free time on the computer (not new) & the other half with a paper & marker at the table. He draws lines, squiggles, cuts out, colours, scribbles, whatever. We’ll be going through a ream of paper a month at this rate. I assume it is pre-writing skills.

So, that’s our latest cool news. How about Eric? Well, Eric is also noticing words & can recognize numbers up to 20. (Maybe higher, I don’t have flashcards past 20) He is also pairing words & number symbols. He is learning the sight words books with Nathan & seems to understand them at the same level. Yup, that’s right, my NT boy is going to go to Kindergarten reading, I can just see it. Oh well, there’s nothing wrong with being smart & ahead of the class either!

One thought on “Some New Things

  1. I’m not sure if they still do but Office Max used to give out a free ream of paper if you brought in a used printer cartridge. As fast as he is going through paper he may be beating out the printer cartridge but every little bit helps…lol.

    Glad he is making progress 🙂

    great idea – I will have to try this!

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