Therapy Ideas

Today is Fragile X Friday!!

I think I have mentioned before that there is a link between Fragile X and Autism. I am a big proponent of testing all newborns for Fragile X so that early intervention can occur as soon as possible. In addition, I want to remind everyone that if you suspect autism in your child, get a genetic test done. There is such exciting research being done for Fragile X and there while many of the treatments for Autism are the same as Fragile X, some are different too.

So, what kinds of early intervention treatments might a parent pursue for their child, especially when you don’t have a diagnosis?

Here’s some ideas:

Occupational Therapy – to strengthen fine motor control, develop more hand range of motion, help person learn self-care, develop sensory activities,

Physical Therapy – to strengthen gross motor control, teach jumping, balancing, improve gait, ball sports, bicycling,

Speech Therapy – in addition to helping person speak, teach other types of communication including sign language, picture exchange (PECS), facilitated communication devices

Specialized Education – in a pre-school setting, could be in a mainstream school with an aide

These are all things we did with Nathan. There are also more alternative therapies that can be tried if they are available to you. The best advice I can give is to talk to your therapists about what else you can try. I found them to be a wealth of knowledge and they were always happy to suggest programs and alternatives that had helped other children.

Please remember to spread the word about Fragile X!


2 thoughts on “Therapy Ideas

  1. We got all of that stuff before Matty was diagnosed. I was so glad that we started it before we knew what was up. The sooner intervention can be started the better the outcome for the child 🙂

    Thanks for doing FX Fridays!

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