Drum Roll Please………………

Nathan has been approved for Level 2 funding!  This means he qualifies for a half-time aide (which is full-time in Kindergarten, since they only go half time)!  It gets better still.

He is approved for Level 2 until he completes high school.

Yes, you may sit down in shock, cry even.  That would be the same kind of reaction we had.  We were hoping for a three-year approval window, but this is incredible.  It means we will never have to wait out a funding application ever again.  It means that we can start the IEP process and make long term plans for Nathan, not set goals that we know for sure he can achieve in a year, because we’ll have to justify our funding.  It means continuity for Nathan with his aide and for her to have some amount of job security.

So, I take back all the nasty things I thought and said (mostly thought) about anyone who is involved in the funding approval process.  Apparently you are all a bunch of kind, loving souls. (So, you can imagine what I would have written has this not gone my way).

If you have a moment, go ahead and send up a little prayer of thanks on our behalf also.  I think God is getting a little tired of hearing from me!


4 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. I am amazed, and so very happy for you. I think it is especially cool that he will have the same person as he goes from one grade to the next helping with that adjustment. Its amazing.

    PS. Love the tag, I have read a few of the authors on your list, but not all.

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