Chaos Week

Ok, truthfully, my life is chaos, not just this particular week, but this one pretty much tops all the previous 10 for craziness, so I think we’ll let it go at that.

Monday was relatively calm (in comparison), Nathan had school.  He got up & on the bus without too much of a struggle.  I had a productive, busy day at work.  I picked up the children & Eric was asleep before we got home.  He was Not pleased to be removed from the car set, kicking & hitting (while sleeping) because I dared to disturb his precious slumber.  I dropped him in bed with a kiss & prayed that he’d sleep until morning.  Nathan managed to eat supper but was down for the night by 6:15!  Poor baby, this school thing takes a lot out of a guy!

Tuesday began the real chaos.  We had our regular day but after work, I had to drive back into town & clean toys at the Nursery School.  The daycare inspector was coming THE NEXT DAY so this had to be done.  Did I mention that I hadn’t filled in  any of the forms yet?  Neil’s Mom came out to watch the boys so they could go to bed early as Wed is a school day for both of them.  Yup, you guessed it.  I got home at 9:15 & my boy were filthy, hyper and not pleased about bedtime. 

Wednesday – we got up 15 minutes before the bus arrived.  Oops.  At noon I scrambled through the Nursery Inspection reports, ran them to the school, met the inspector twice, filled in more forms (all while still trying to work at my real job.)  I had to work late since I arrived late.  Then I get home, panic through supper preparation.  I started sorting out our Farm ledger books about 9:30 & finally gave up at 11:30.

Thursday – I am currently waiting for my kids to get back from daycare trip. Then I will blaze home, drop the kids with Neil, run back to work & sit in a meeting until the wee hours.
Friday – Nathan has school & we have Fun Fair after school (more on that another day)
Saturday – off to an awesome Pumpkin Patch for a day of fun
Sunday – church, laundry, meals, cleaning, homework, ironing, sorting recyclables… get the idea .

See, chaos.  So, if you’re wondering why I’m behind in my posting, that’s why.  Phew.  I think I need a nap.


2 thoughts on “Chaos Week

  1. thanks for catching my “error” on my blog!! My life has been about as nutty as yours this week and I can’t think straight. Let’s just say that I work in investments and you are probably aware of how the market has been this week.

    I may have to go down for a nap with ya!

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