Sometimes I Hate Sunday

It’s true. Sometimes, I hate Sunday. I lead our children’s church program (with my Sister in law) and while I do enjoy it, mostly I just end up tired & frustrated.

The kids range in age from 8 to 3 (eric), which is a broad range developmentally. Eric & Nathan pretty much pulled out every bad behaviour they have today & I lost my temper with the whole group. Mind you, they were all acting like a bunch of clowns, but I hate that I reached the end of my patience.

There is nothing more frustrating than your 3 year old acting like he is three & convincing other 6 year olds to do the same. I can understand kids being kids, but this was ridiculous. So, we all had a little chat about being disrespectful & how their volume level was not just disruptive but also disrespectful to the people in the upstairs. I am hopeful that next week we will see a great increase in positive behaviour.

(And that I will be banning sugar, in all forms, from our house on Sunday mornings.)


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