“Tindergarten” is Nathan’s word – can’t quite manage that hard /K\ sound just yet. Boy does he love kindergarten! They had a day off yesterday because of a professional development day & he was not impressed.

He seems to have figured out that he goes for one day, takes a day off & goes again the next day. So, he went Monday, he should have gone Wednesday. He was very irritated at me when I said he had to go to daycare 2 days in a row.

Just in case I haven’t been clear about how much he loves school…Last night he was grumping about going to bed. I said “You want to get lots of rest so you can be a good boy for Ms. W & Mrs. G tomorrow, right?”

He says “Oh Yes!”, lies down & goes straight to sleep. Not one peep or complaint about it. Now that is love.


3 thoughts on “Tindergarten

  1. I am curious, how is Kindergarten different from what he doesn;t in daycare that he likes on much more then the other, is it the teacher, the activities, facility, other kids?

  2. I think it is the newness of Kindergarten that is appealing. Also, the structure is something he really responds to. He has the best teachers too & he really loves to please his “adults”. Daycare is less structured & is in a private home. His provider is like a second mom & we all know how well kids listen to their “moms”

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