Funding Report

So, I went to the school & read the funding application. It isn’t anything I haven’t seen before & not nearly as traumatic as I was dreading. In fact, Nathan scored higher on his language skills than I was expecting 3.11 months (I was thinking 3.4), so that was a really nice surprise. He’s booked in to have SLP every day he is at school for 20 minutes, so hopefully we continue to see nice gains there.

I spent quite a bit of time talking to the resource teacher, just about Nathan and what kinds of strategies we find work well with him. She is so kind and I am positive we are going to have a great school year.

We should hear back by mid-October if the application was successful and whether or not it is a single year or multi-year award. The school feels that a 1/2 time aide will not be enough in Grade 1, so we may look at re-applying next year anyway. I guess now we wait on pins & needles for the provincial body to decide. (And you know much much I love to wait)

One thought on “Funding Report

  1. Hi. Just read your blog for the first time. Got it from another. I’m not sure where you live, but I’d be interested in knowing more about this ‘funding’ you’re talking about with the school. Feel free to email me at Would also love to have you visit my blog.

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