Girl’s Day Out

I’m off to a craft sale today with my SIL & daycare provider.  Yahoo!  K & I go every year, just a nice little runaway without the children.  I think that part means  more to her than to me, since she is surrounded by children all day long & her husband isn’t home much.  Plus, she doesn’t have people to take her kiddo (like my awesome mom) for her to have a break.  So, the craft sale is our break.

The boys are not pleased.  They are extremely unimpressed that mommy is leaving (again) & are not interested that I hired their fav babysitter. Yah.  The last time  I went out, Eric cried for 2  hours.  Once the sitter got here he looked at me & said “ok, bye.”  No tears, just the “get out, I’m busy with L now” look.  So, I know they are working the guilty momma angle. 

Good job I don’t fall for that one eh?


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