Not Ready for This..

The school called, the funding application is almost ready.  It should be done by Monday afternoon and I need to come in so they can review it with me.  The application (I guess) has to be approved by the parents & I know it is going to be brutal.  Not positive, not full of cans, has potential tos, is attemptings etc.  It has to be negative, I know that.


I am not ready to hear it, again.  The points made in the application are nothing new.  There will be no earth shattering “I didn’t know that” moments.  But, I am just not ready to hear that his fine motor skills are at 2 years + 7.  Or that his gross motor skills are 3+1.  Or that his expressive language is at 3+5 (or whatever the numbers come in at).  I know it.  I just don’t want to read it. 

Nathan has made so much progress over the summer & I hope that I am able to remember that as I go through the report.  I also hope I don’t cry.


One thought on “Not Ready for This..

  1. You’re in my thoughts and prayers today (Monday) kiddo — I hope the report sings to you of getting support for Nathan, and nothing else.

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