Works for Me Wednesday – Toilet paper

I really do not like running out of toilet paper in the bathroom. I say “in the bathroom”, because I buy it in such large quantities that we’ll never run out of it in the house. But, my pretty toilet paper holder only holds 4 rolls. There is nothing worse than realizing your spouse used the last roll earlier in the week & forgot to fill up the holder.

As I was fuming about this one day, I hit on a solution. When we use the last roll in the dispenser, leave the lid off and place it on the back of the toilet. This alerts the next passerby to go to the linen closet (located in the other bathroom) & fill the dispenser. I’ve been doing this for at least 6 months and have never had the “jeepers, am I the only one who can fill the dispenser” moment again.

As for getting the roll changed?? Well, I haven’t figured that one out yet…..


7 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Toilet paper

  1. Let me know when you figure out how to get someone else to change the roll! I seem to be the only one in the house that knows how. lol. Great idea for getting the toilet paper back into the bathroom!

  2. We started each our kids off with chores this way. The toilet paper roll had to be checked each morning and evening and refilled if near empty. It takes a while to get them into the habit; but then all chores do, no? Maybe Eric? It works out well after a while. I haven’t changed a roll in years! Well, ocassionally…

  3. Off the subject a little, but my little boy was being just a bit too quiet yesterday in the bathroom so I went in to see why. The toilet was FILLED with toilet paper. The super-colossaly ultra thick Charmin. I’m sure it’s old knowledge to never leave a toddler in a bathroom alone, but now I’m feelin’ it.

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