School Open House

We went to the school open house tonight after Eric’s first day of pre-school.  What a busy day.  I was the parent helper at pre-school, so I took Eric out for lunch first.  He thought that was pretty neat.  He had chicken balls, I had Almond Gai Ding.  Yum Yum.  It’s the only thing I order now & the owner practically doesn’t even ask.  I swear, one of these times I am going to sit down, get involved in a conversation, forget to order & have a plate set in front of me!

Pre-school went extremely well.  I have never seen a better behaved class.  This is my third “first day of pre-school” and it was by far the best.  The kids listened, participated & only one kid was crying.  And, even she had fun.

The school open house was awesome.  I got to see Nathan’s classrooms again & talk briefly to both his teachers.  They are so pleased with his progress since the spring & are really impressed with how well he is handling himself.  They had a fire drill today, he didn’t even bat an eye.  He isn’t stimming, running in circles, being aggressive or even obstinate.  Seriously, is this my kid?  The OT says it could be a “honeymoon period” because it is all so new.  She might be right.  I really hope that it continues though, because it means he will have a very successful year.  Now we have to wait for the school to write the funding application, approve it, get the Provincial aide funding, approve an IEP & the school will hire an aide. Hopefully it is the same one he is working with now.  (By law, they’ll have to repost her job because she was hired for 6 weeks)  In the meantime, the teachers, who have been working together for 20 years, are confident they have things well in hand.  Based on the evidence of tonight, I would have to agree!


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