Eric’s Ouch

On Friday, I picked up the kids from daycare & instead of going to the Library, we ended up in the Emergency room.  Why?  Eric ran at top speed into the narrow edge of the car door.  He slammed to the ground & didn’t say anything.  Just as I was about to tell him – “Well, what do you expect when you act so silly”, I notice that his hands are covered in blood.

Ok.  Maybe not covered, but red all the same. I finally managed to convince him to pull his hands away & he had a gash, about an inch & a half long in about the middle of his forehead.  Of course, all the hospitals in our corner of the Manitoba are currently without emergency services.  Thank-you ARHA.  We had to head over to Saskatchewan (40 minutes away) to get him looked at.

Fortunately, the ER was empty and the nurse on duty was able to use little butterfly bandages & some crazy glue to fix my Humpty Dumpty.  She topped it off with a Dora the Explorer band-aid & Eric was as good as new.  We’ve kept him fairly doped up on ibuprofen, but other than that, he is just fine.

He wanted me to share a picture of his bump with you.  This one was my pick:


But, Eric, ever the clown, much prefers this one. 

 The nurse says the scar shouldn’t be too bad.  Neil says “chicks dig scars.”  Yeah, but mommies don’t.


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