Practice Bus Ride

Nathan had his practice bus ride yesterday!  He was supposed to go with his cousin, but she is currently away camping, so he ended up going with C from the daycare. 

The bus picked them up at daycare and did the bus route in reverse so that he could see what the ride was like.  They stopped for lemonade and a treat along the way, so Nathan was pretty excited.  Then, they went to the school and the Principal met them at the door, just like it will be on the first day of school.  He let Nathan ring the school bell a couple of times and then they got dropped off at daycare again.

The cool thing, for us, is that Nathan’s bus driver was Neil’s bus driver and an old family friend.  I don’t know how aware he is of Nathan’s diagnosis or what his particular issues are.  I assume, based on the conversations I’ve had with the Principal, that he knows what he needs to know, and I am happy with that.  Because he is a family friend, it is entirely possible that he’s also talked to Neil or his mom about Nathan.  But, he seemed pretty glad to give Nathan a practice run and everyone knows that his is the “fun” bus.

Once we got home, I asked Nathan how the bus ride went.  His words “Dood” (good), which is high praise.  He talked a little bit about the buzzer (scary) and the ride.  Then, I asked him, “what’s your bus driver’s name?”

He didn’t even hesitate.  “TOM” he says.  I nearly fell over.  My son either doesn’t know or remember 1 name of any of the kids in his preschool class.  He just started telling us 2 or three names of the kids in daycare (who have been there at least 2 years).  Names are hard for Nathan.  And yet, there he was, first try, knowing Tom’s name.  I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Milestones.  You have to love them.


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