Reporting Time

The school year is nearly upon us now & the therapy reports are starting to arrive in anticipation for the funding applications.  We got Nathan’s OT report this week & it is pretty brutal.  Well, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, since he is unable to copy a square & just barely able to copy a cross consistently.

On one of his evaluations, he is scoring in the bottom .08%.  Yikes.  That is 2 years 7 months, when he was 5 years 3 months.  I guess there is nowhere to go except up from that.  We have been working hard all summer on his fine motor, so I am anxious to see if his scores will improve in the fall.  Nathan is managing to trace squares (they kinda look more like circles), but he can’t copy one that I have drawn.  We do a lot of hand over hand work & I do hope that it is helping.

His therapist is recommending a lot of extra OT time, in classroom help, a visual schedule and lots of exercises.  She really seems to understand how tough fine motor control is for Nathan & he adores her, so I think they make a pretty good team.

Now we’re waiting on a final report from Speech, but based on the last evaluation, we might be tossing it in the trash & going with the school’s Speech Therapist’s report.  His main ST is suggesting he is communicating at a 4.5 year old level.  Trust me.  He isn’t.

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