A Weekend Off (Or, My Mom is the Greatest!)

The boys are off to my parents for the weekend.  Our daycare is taking holidays on Thursday & Friday & Nathan has a speech appointment on Monday, so my loving (but slightly crazy) mom is keeping them from tonight until Monday afternoon.

I have to work Thursday & Friday, so will probably end up putting in a bunch of extra time because I am so far behind again.  I usually play catch up when they are gone, since I feel pretty guilty working any longer than necessary when they are at home.  Then, I have farm account books to do up & a house to put back together. It is still a little chaotic from the weekend.  Then, I should mow the grass.

AND THEN I AM TAKING A BREAK!  I am going to read a book (maybe a trashy romance), have a bath & generally sit on my butt for at least 3 hours in a row.

So, hopefully I manage to accomplish all this before 3 p.m. on Sunday, because otherwise the world is just gong to have to stop while I put up my feet.  I think after the whirlwind summer we’ve had, I deserve it!


One thought on “A Weekend Off (Or, My Mom is the Greatest!)

  1. You totally deserve it! I hope you can get everything done in record time just so you can sit and recoup!

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