We had our first successful morning “trial run” today.  Nathan was up at 7:15 and had breakfast & got dressed by 8:00.  He actually got up on his own, so I don’t know how speedy he’d be if I had gone to wake him.

We don’t know what time the school bus will be picking him up, but his cousin was around 8:10 last year & he is probably picked up first.

Forty-five minutes to get dressed & eat a bowl of cereal is a little excessive in my opinion, but it is the fastest he’s done this all summer.  Nathan just gets so distracted by anything & everything.  Also, he is talking a blue streak right now & it is hard to talk and eat at the same time!

We are down to 15 days & they will be at Grandma’s for 5 of them, so we’ll just have to keep working at it!


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