Bike Rides

Nathan decided he needed to ride his bike out to the combine tonight. It is about a 1.5 mile trip, I figured he’d give up after 300 feet, but no, off he went, me walking/running behind.  Then, Neil was across the field, so we had to walk another almost 1/2 mile to catch up to him.  (And then I had to turn around and walk back!)

So, I came home, had some Learning Time with Eric, who is now counting accurately to 13!  Then Eric decided he wanted to ride HIS bike out to the combine to pick up Nathan.  This time, I rode my bike too.  So, another 1.5 miles to get Nathan, catch a ride with Uncle Craig to the combine, get Nathan & another 1.5 miles home.  The upside to it all is that Eric rides like the wind & Nathan is a bit more of a gusty breeze.  Nathan rides really well for a few yards, stops, starts, rides again, pushes the bike, stops, starts….

Anyway, Eric was home a full 10 minutes ahead of us, which suited him just fine. (I won, Mommy!)  I am so proud of how well they are getting around on their bikes now.  I don’t think we’ll be rushing into a 2 wheeler just yet, but they are doing great.


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