Post-party blues

Today was a little tough.  Eric & Nathan were fine, as long as they weren’t within 4 feet of each other.  Preferably on different floors really.  As soon as they were within inches of each other, the fighting, whining & shrieking began.  Generally it ended with someone (Eric) crying & someone (Nathan) being hauled off to his room for a time out.

Eric slept most of the afternoon, so you’d think that would have improved his mood.  Not so.  Still grumpy as ever.  So, at 10:00 I finally wrestled them into bed.  It should have been sooner, but I was on the phone to my favourite, slightly younger, high school friend getting to hear all about her big news.  I am still pumped up from hearing it.

Nathan was into the candy this morning (left over from the party) & was pretty much out of control for a few hours.  So, no more food dyes & candy for him for awhile.  I can’t take that anymore!  Not that it is good to feed that stuff to anyone, but especially not to a boy who is high strung to begin with.

Me, I am exhausted.  But also too wound up to sleep.  Nathan is now hanging out on the couch as he can’t “weep” (sleep).  I guess this gives us both a chance to watch “Dragon” on Treehouse.


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