Precious Family

I am pleased to report that we managed to survive the huge family gathering this weekend.  Neil’s grandfather died in the winter & we wer having a burial for him this weekend.  So, I’ve been stressed trying to get the house cleaned up, food made and kids prepped for the big day. 

We were thrilled to host Neil’s cousin & her family.  She has a lovely 4 year old son who became instant friends with my boys.  He is as wild & busy as they are.  Bossy, just like Eric, and loves trains, trucks and farm machinery.  It was pretty much the world’s greatest playdate.  (I miss him already, what a firecracker!!)  We also got to enjoy their tiny 11 month old daughter.  I haven’t had a baby in the house much as Eric is the youngest grandchild on Neil’s side.  It was so wonderful to allow Christie to sit, do nothing and allow me to bring her coffee, food or whatever.  I know how much I appreciated it when my boys were small.  She said she felt guilty.  I told her that everyone else did it for me, so I was just paying it forward.

We are so lucky to be in this amazing family.  If we weren’t related, I bet we’d all still be friends!


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