House Update

Where have I been since Tuesday?  Work & house cleaning.  More work & more house cleaning. 

Is the house clean now??  Well, it is as good as it is going to get because the company shows up tonight & there won’t be any last minute clean up time.  The house may not sparkle (but the sink does, thanks FlyLady), there are no dust bunnies in the visible places, most of the laundry is done & there are fresh towel & linens out.  Besides, what more can company ask for – lots of food & clean sheets?

I even went to Michael’s & bought all new fall flowers, got out all the fall decorations & redecorated the house in a fall/harvest theme.  I never did take the spring stuff down, so it was really past time anyhow.  Neil thought maybe I was going to be like the stores soon & start putting out Hallowe’en.  (I did consider it!)  Ultimately, I decided that since the garden hasn’t produced any pumpkins yet, neither should the house.

So, I am going to remind myself again:

A Mother with a messy house has her priorities in perfect order

May it be so for all of us.


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