I love my son.  I really do.  But lately, the sound of his voice is driving me around the bend.  He has gotten really lazy in his pronunciations, slurring words & sounds together.  Plus, he speaks in this high-pitched, slightly whiny voice most of the time.  He was starting to improve but since summer it has been getting worse.  Of course, his limited vocabulary doesn’t help either.

I sincerely hope that getting back into speech therapy will help to correct this because the sound of his voice is making me grumpy.

This is all the more awful because he didn’t talk for so long & I would have given anything to hear him speak.  I do treasure every word, every sound, even as it drives me closer to the edge of my patience.  That is what I cling to as I try, desperately, to tune out the “nails on chalkboard” tone to his voice….

God grant me strength to get through this stage.


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