Well, that went…badly

Nathan starts school in about 23 days & has a very pokey morning routine.  I am afraid that he is either going to miss a) breakfast, b) the bus or c) both.  So today I told him we are going to start practicing for Kindergarten.

When he got up, he had to get dressed right away.  Well, he was tired & I ended up dressing him rather than fighting with him.  I made him breakfast, which he wanted to eat while watching YouTube.  I thought – ok, but eat.  40 minutes later, breakfast is still sitting in front of him, not touched.  I holler, plead, beg etc & he eats one of 2 pieces of bread.

I get dressed, haul a sleeping Eric out to the car, back the car out of the garage, load up Nathan, 3 lunch boxes & forget to kiss Neil good-bye.  Then, I drive to work, late, again.  I drive up to the daycare, get Eric out, grab his shoes, yell at Nathan because he opened up his lunch box & spilled the contents through the car.  Yell at him some more because he managed to get PB & J all over his pants & then have a near hysterical fit because I am ALSO covered in PB & J, on my chest, on my NEW(ish) dress.  I dropped them off, went to work, cleaned up (well) in the bathroom, grabbed a coffee & settled in for a mericfully productive day.

So, the lessons we learned, in order were:

1.  Get dressed, before t.v. & computer (check)

2.  Eat breakfast at the table

3.  No food in the car

4.  Always bring a change of clothes (for me)

5.  Apologize at lunch time, in person, with liberal amounts of hugs & kisses (check, check)


2 thoughts on “Well, that went…badly

  1. Aghh! Days like that are no fun.

    I just found your blog today and wanted to say your boys are delightful! I love the pictures of them on the tractor. I grew up on a farm and frequently take my boys to visit their grandparents and uncle to experience a bit of farming life. They love it.

    I have two boys ages 8 and 4. The oldest has autism and the younger a foot in PDD-NOS.

    Just wanted to say hi and to send you well wishes with practicing the kindergarten morning routine!

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