Frantic Weekend Clean-up

We are having family in next weekend to bury my husband’s grandfather.  He died in January but wanted to be buried near our farm, so the big celebration is next weekend.  So, why am I frantic cleaning this weekend??  Well, because we’ll have company on Friday night, I have a late meeting on Thursday, will have to make pies for  a supper (not related to the family thing at all) on Wednesday….counting backwards, there is really only this weekend to make a good run at the heavy cleaning that should be done.

Normally, I’d think, people are coming to see you, not the house.  However, this is the in-laws that we are talking about, and I am living in my mother-in-law’s house.  (She is living in mine, we swapped)  My MIL is a neat, neat housekeeper.  I sadly, am not.  BUT, I wouldn’t mind if the company thinks I AM!

So, I read Flylady, shined my sink & intend to tackle walls & clutter this weekend.  And the fridge.  Cuz it is getting a little icky.  Maybe, if I can get the carpet cleaner, I will clean those too.

That might be pushing it….


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