Benefits of Developmental Delays

I think we spend so much time worrying, fixing, adapting, planning, medicating and surviving a child’s developmental delays that we forget to celebrate the benefits or at least the positives that also accompany them.

This whole idea for the post came to me this morning when I was out for a 2 mile walk, so it may be just a bit disjointed, but bear with me.

Reasons to Celebrate Nathan

1.  He wears out clothes, even baby clothes.  Nathan was a small baby & grew slowly.  At age 1 he was still wearing 3-6 month size clothes.  Talk about value!

2.  Toys last far longer than the stated ages.  We’re still playing with Fisher Price toys, Thomas toys, even some “babyish” toys that most of his peers are not interested anymore.  Money spent on toys for him is well spent too

3.  No interest in t.v. that isn’t on “Treehouse” Channel. (That’s programming devoted soley for the pre-schooler, for you non-Canadians)  There are essentially no commercials on the channel (although there are “this program is brought to you by Huggies” announcements every once in awhile), so he is not being constantly marketed to on t.v.

4.  Wonder at every day things – at 5 Nathan is still easily amazed at the most ordinary things.  We continue to see the world through his eyes, fresh & new.   This is a real gift and I hope we don’t ever forget that in the constant stream of “why?”

5.  Hugs & cuddles.  Nathan still loves to be hugged, everywhere, anytime.  He gives the most amazing hugs to his Dad & I, great big, sink right into you kind of hugs.  He still runs to me whenever I pick him up from daycare.  He loves to sit on my lap & read stories or watch t.v.

6.  New friends.  I think we’ve made a lot of new friends, met a lot of professionals and virtual friends we would have never encountered without Nathan.  These are true, genuine people that my life would be less full without.


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Developmental Delays

  1. Matty at 12 is still going strong on #’s 1, 2 & 4. He has found tv but only just recently. He only watches 3 things though: NFL, Nascar, and America’s Funniest Videos. He avoids my hugs and kisses but he always has. It’s now a game for him.

    And the new friends I hope will never go away. Like you I have met some amazing people I would have never met if I didn’t have my children. And like you said…they are true genuine folks 🙂

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