Back to Normal?

Well, I am back to work today & the kids are in daycare.  Nathan got up early & the first thing he asked was are we going to “daycare” today?  He was so excited to get going, it was all I heard about for most of an hour.  Talk about perseveration!  At the same time, he managed to wait & make that transition relatively smoothly, without being destructive or irritating to everyone else, so that was a nice improvement.

I started reading up more on the GFCF diet, wondering if that is really something that would be worth trying at our house.  I cut him off dairy products because I wonder if they bother his stomach.  He has the worst smelling gas & lactose intolerance runs in the family.  Very scientific, I know.  But, to get in to see a doctor these days…..well, don’t have a heart attack or major injury around here, both our emergency rooms are closed for the summer, so it is at least a 45 minute ride to the ER.  Needless to say, that makes getting in to see the GP pretty impossible.

Anyway, I want to state, right away, I am not trying to cure my son.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with him.  He does see the world in a different way & it is hard for him to learn.  What I do want is to help him find ways to learn more easily.  His major issues are: poor attention span, weak gross/fine motor skills, communication delays, transition problems.

We’re working on the attention span with Learning Time.  He is now able to sit for up to an hour, although not still!  The gross/fine motor & communication we work on at home & with therapists (who are all on summer holidays until September), and the transitions, well, we try our best. 

So, regarding this GFCF diet, my wonder is, can it really hurt to try it?  Yes, financially, it is expensive.  Ouch.  Ouch.  But, he adores vegetables, loves rice & tolerates potatoes.  He would also live on milk, KD & PB & J  if we let him.  I think we can lessen the pinch if we stick to basics like I grew up eating, lots of vegetables and fruit, chicken & beef, potatoes and rice & not many pre-packaged/processed foods.  The tricky stuff is: pasta (he loved the corn macaroni I bought!!), breakfast and hot dog buns! 

Any thoughts out there?  Is this totally off-the-wall?  I know that some people swear by it, and others think it is total crap & a third camp that tried it without success.  I’d appreciate some insights.

2 thoughts on “Back to Normal?

  1. I think of the diet like everything else in parenting. It never hurts to try it. Every body is different and his may need that. If you can afford it then go for it. We don’t do it because we can’t afford it but I bet if we had the funds I would see how Matty would respond.

  2. Thanks- that makes me feel a little better! It’s the pre-packaged & baked goods that are the real killer on this diet, I think. I saw bread (on-line) for $7.00 a loaf – who has that kind of $$??

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