Better Day

Today was a better day. Nathan is still not doing “good listening”, but it is improved from yesterday. We had some pretty decent Learning Time in the morning and played Thomas in the afternoon. A nice long weekend for a change. Usually on holiday Mondays I can’t WAIT to put them back in daycare (and they ask the entire day, when they can go back!). Today we actually were all glad to have an extra day together.

I started showing Nathan “cat”, “bat” and “hat” yesterday & today, trying to give him purpose to learning his letters. He can now identify 24 letter consistently. For some reason, he has trouble with “j” and “s”, calling them both “z”. I don’t know why. He also has trouble with b, p, d out of order, but overall, he knows his alphabet. He can also identify numbers from 1 -10, but this is not very consistent yet. Hey, he’s counting to 4. That alone is an improvement.

Tomorrow is back to work for me & back to the stress-y reality that is. It is times like this when I think I might like to be a SAHM, but I think I am just trying to escape the stress, not the working life. Just get me through the next couple of weeks & things should calm down back to a normal level of crazy.


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