Gotta love a Bargain!

I can’t believe I forgot to post this earlier, but Thursday night we went to the city & to the Real Canadian Superstore, where I got pants for the boys for 2.94 each. That’s right, each. I bought one in every size and colour, costing us a total of 15 bucks. I think I bought ONE pair of pants for them earlier for that price. The best part is that they aren’t “tricky pants”. That’s what Eric calls any pants that have a difficult button or snap to do up. The pants are totally pull-on and fairly light weight.

Anyhow, the store has up to 70% off all their clothes, so if you are close to a Superstore, go check it out. Ours still had tons of sizes and colours, but at that price, it won’t last long!


One thought on “Gotta love a Bargain!

  1. Oh, yeah! I went to Superstore the other day, and as you said, all the clothing was on sale. There were shoes for 54 cents! It was crazy!

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