Happy August 1st!

No, there really is no reason to celebrate August 1st in particular. It just seems that it always shows up so quickly, reminding us that summer is half completed. Soon, the children will be back in school, fundraisers will start again, winter sports will start to gear up. But, before all that, we will start the annual harvest. Neil says it should be ready to combine in about 10 days or less, depending on the weather. The boys are pretty excited, there is nothing more fun to a farm boy than a ride in Daddy’s combine.

The only downside to harvest is that Neil works very very long hours with very few breaks or days off. This will probably continue until October or so. It’s hard on everyone, but now that the boys are getting bigger, they are able to spend more time with him in the combine, so they don’t miss out on quite as much Daddy time. Although, with the constant ring of “why?” these days, I don’t know that he’ll want them in the combine for hours at a time. Five minutes of that and I am ready to tear my hair out.

So, happy August 1st. If you’re lucky enough to be Canadian, enjoy your long weekend too!


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