Adventures in Autism Land

There seems to be very little agreement about autism.  Is it genetic?  Is it environmental?  Is it caused by mercury/thimerosol/pesticide/antibiotic/etc.. exposure?   Is it “treatable”?  Is it “curable”?

The whole thing is enough to make one’s head spin.  All I know is, right now, mine hurts from trying to decipher it all.  It would be very nice if the lovely doctor who diagnosed Nathan had then handed me a booklet that said “Autism in Three Easy Steps”.  (Or 10, that would be oktoo).  But, like bringing home an infant, there is no guidebook for Autism either.  Of course, because it is such a varying spectrum, I am not sure that the guide would be of any use.

I’ve been trying to figure out, on my own, what types of treatments or interventions we might be interested in looking at.  The GFCF diet is a little overwhelming.  The massive multi-vitamin therapies don’t strike me as a do-it-yourself intervention.  ABA is not available to us currently although it may be something Nathan can get at school.  Chelation therapy just scares the daylights out of me.  (Sorry, something that has killed children doesn’t strike me as a great option!)

So for the moment, we stick to Learning Time.  We skipped last night. Nathan was so tired & spinning out of control that I didn’t want to fight him on it.  Sometimes, you just have to pick your battles.

One thought on “Adventures in Autism Land

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I agree with you about the GFCF diet. It is VERY overwhelming. We did try it a LONG time ago and saw no results.

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