At lunch time today, Nathan’s daycare provider called to say that he counted…to FOUR!  This is huge for my son, who has, for months, counted 1,2 1,2 1,2.  He seemed to be unable to count past two.  We’ve struggled with him, trying to teach numbers, sounds, counting and nothing seemed to be working.

Then, it occurred tome…is he afraid of #3?  We use 1,2,3-Magic with extremely good results in our house.  Was the 1-2-3 giving him a fear of #3?  Could we, as parents, stop using 1-2-3?  Yikes!  What would we replace it with?  It had to be something simple, easy to remember (for me!) and still able to give them the 1,2,3 warning system.

Because I cope with things by overloading on information, I’ve been doing a ton of reading about autism.  I already knew that Nathan is quite visual, and the one thing stressed over & over is visual schedules, visual limits, visual incentives…

Thus, the Stop Light was born.  Now, we use Green Light (1st warning), Yellow Light (2nd warning), Red Light (consequence).  The boys each made their own arts & crafts Stop Light.  I put up the colour they are on & within a couple of days, we’d all made the switch.

Now, my son is counting to four.  Coincidence?


One thought on “1,2,3,4…

  1. Michelle, you are brilliant!
    It could just be a coincidence, but I am totally willing to give you the credit!
    We use 1-2-3 at our house, too, but lately Miss Vivi has been waiting until 3 to run up to me, screaming “sorry, sorry, sorry!” I’ve had to take her to her room a few times to show her that timing is important too!

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