Works for Me Wednesday

I am still pretty new to the whole blogging world, which becomes more & more clear as I discover some great “new” things, that other bloggers have been doing for years. My latest discovery is the “works for me wednesday” where you share a tip with your readers & then provide a link to your site on the main one – Rocks in My Dryer

Here’s a great thing that works for me: The Sock Basket

Tired of trying to find a pair of socks in the children’s drawers one day, I hit on a great solution. I grabbed 2 wicker baskets that I had lying around. (they had once contained a gift or bath salts or whatever, anyways, they were free.) The basket needs to be short enough to fit in the drawer & wide enough to hold at least a dozen pairs of socks. This allows each child to have a central “home” for their socks, they are contained in a drawer & you know, at a glance, if the child is out of socks, instead of them hollering “MOMMMMM! I have no socks!” and you know you just put in a half dozen pairs.

Keeps me saner & it works for me!


5 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday

  1. Ugh! We always have “Mummmmmmmmm, can’t find socks!” being yelled from the other side of the house…LOL

    Think I may have to try this…thanks!

  2. I did the same thing when my son was born, but I put four basket in the top drawer. One for socks, one for hats, one for booties and one for medicines.

    Now that he is older. I put slippers in where the booties were. And I have put his toothbrush and toothpaste in the medicine drawer. Once he can reach the drawer I will take out the medicine bin.

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