New Respect for the Pre-K Teacher

After spending literally hours online over the weekend trying to find appropriate worksheets, activities, science lessons and colour pages for Nathan, I now have a new found respect for his Kindergarten teacher. Of course, the resources have to be free, printable and very very basic.

So, when I say “science lesson” I mean a new, interesting way of showing the boys how the world works. Something that I can work a lesson about colours, numbers and shapes into or something that helps them understand about up, down, over, under, around & through. I found that the “science” sections tend to be really hands on learning, which they respond to.

There is such a wealth of material that I think it would take days just to pick favourites, never mind download what is needed. I also think if this keeps up I am going to need a colour laser printer. The ol’ inkjet may not be able keep pace with my printing habits.

Yesterday, I found an adorable tractor craft. I cut out all the pieces, they pasted them to construction paper & we talked about T things. Then, we went on an “Activity Walk” around the farm yard, looking for T things. You can’t imagine how many T things there are on a farm!! Tractors, trees, tubs, tires, tanks, trailers, t-ball……It was quite fun.

I also found a great website that Nathan just loves. Click on the top pink rectangle for his new game. It is pretty cute & I love how they give not just the letters but also the sounds that the letters make. The boys were fighting over computer time this morning. I can see I am going to need a second computer, soon.


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