Back to Work. Back to Normal

What is normal, anyway? I started back to work yesterday & it has been a rough week so far. Our new software is working, lots of learning curve & a few bugs, which should be stressing me out. It isn’t. I’ve been yelled at, hung up on & told off by 4 different people, in a row, which is a personal “best” for me. Fortunately, these were clients, not staff. I should be stressed. I’m not.

I finally figured out, I can bang my head against the wall until midnight all week & get caught up…oooooor I can go home & quit worrying about it.

So, I went home. I have a standing date with my son for Learning Time. And it is more important than a General Ledger balance any day.

Nathan is starting to be interested in counting a bit more. We’re still fighting about counting past 2, but he has started recognize 1 – 10 & will say the numbers if I push him. OH! And he’s saying a few words a little bit more clearly. That is a nice change too. Eric is patiently waiting for his learning time, at my feet as I blog, so I better get a move on!!


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