Home Again

We got back from our vacation last night, a little tired, but overall, we had a wonderful time. The boys are the perfect age to take on the “Black Hills” vacation loop because just about everything for them is free. They stay free, they eat free (which is good, cuz they didn’t eat much) and a lot of the attractions are free for them, since they are both 5 and under.

Here is Nathan & I at Mt Rushmore. Pretty amazing place & quite beautiful.

This is the 1880 steam train we rode. It was a 2 hour round-trip journey. The boys loved it & both fell asleep on the way back. I can’t blame them, it was such gentle motion & quite warm out, I would have been sleeping in a few minutes too. (Actually, across the aisle, an older couple was sleeping!!)

Here’s a beautiful picture of my beautiful boy. It took me (almost) 30 years to get farther south than Minot, North Dakota. I think it was worth every penny. (I may not feel the same way when I get the Mastercard bill, but for now….)

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