Sunscreen & swimming pools

Neil brought our cattle water tub/swimming pool home yesterday. Nathan can hardly wait to get in it, but the water is a frigid temperature right now (9:00 a.m.) He & Eric attempted to swim this morning, but only Nathan was brave enough to actually get in the water. His little legs were bright red with cold when he finally agreed to get out, but he does love “wimmin” (sounds like women)

Currently the boys are fighting (constantly) today. Glad I haven’t told them we are thinking of taking a family vacation soon. They’d be climbing the walls too.

Here’s our fancy pool. The boys dragged the slide over themselves!


2 thoughts on “Sunscreen & swimming pools

  1. The craziest thing is that we put the slide in for them last year. It took Nathan all of 10 seconds to remember that the pool needed the slide. The elephant never forgets, right??

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